18th National Youth Festival
General Guidelines
Important Points
General Rules & Regulations
Items Under Competitive Section
Instructions for Competitive Items
General Guidelines
Teacher Incharge
State Govt. will nominate two energetic, dynamic and responsible Govt. Officials, (one male and one female) as leader & deputy leaders who will take care of the contingent and will keep in constant co-ordination with organizers of the Rashtriya Yuva Utsava (Bio-data of these officials should be filled up in Form "A".
All the participants (not accompanists) as listed in Form "B" will be reimbursed to and fro (from the station of respective State Capital to Ludhiana and back) fare of sleeper class or any other cheapest mode of travel by road by shortest route on production of tickets. They should get their return journey tickets reserved and confirmed. State Government should send the full contingent together. 50% Railway concession facility for to and fro journey of the participants must be availed. The reimbursement of the travelling expenses of all the participants must be availed. The reimbursement of the travelling expenses of all the participants will be made to the authorized team leader and not to the individual participants. It will be the responsibility of the team leader to distribute the amount to individual participants.
Costumes, Dresses, Instruments, Props and Accompanists
The participants (performers) should bring their own costumes, dresses, make up kits, musical instruments and props etc. The organizers of the Rashtriya Yuva Utsava will not provide these materials. Further, the participants should be able to construct the props themselves. Performers in item numbers 5-18 as mentioned in Form "B" may bring accompanists at their own cost with prior intimation to the organizers through Form "B". However, the performers who require accompanists, should intimate organizers through columns of Form "B". Dancers except in folk dance may also perform on pre recorded music cassettes. The organizers will not be responsible for the quality and output of such music, nor will they be responsible for the performance of the accompanists provided. Nonetheless, on reaching Ludhiana, Punjab they can discuss and have rehearsals with the accompanists provided by the organizers. No accompanists will be provided for folk dance and folk song.
Local Transport
Free Transport Facility will be provided to participants.